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Welcome Aboard and PCS Brief 2016 Schedule

I&R helps you locate resources when you aren’t sure where to start looking. An example of a civilian counterpart to Marine Corps I&R includes the United Way 211 campaign, which allows you to find the answers to many questions about services in a local area.

Your request might be simple, such as needing a specific phone number, or complex, such as understanding a military benefit and how to access it. Hopefully the following resources can help you find answers to many of the questions you may have.

Welcome Aboard Orientation

The Welcome Aboard Orientation is held on the third Thursday of each month. All newcomers; military and civilian personnel, are required to attend. Spouses of personnel are encouraged to attend. The brief begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. Welcome Aboard packages containing destination information are available.

Pre-Departure Brief

The Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Pre-departure brief is held on the fourth Thursday of the each month. All departing military and civilian can attend. Spouse of personnel are encouraged to attend. The PCS briefing goes from 9-11 a.m. If you require a sponsor for your new duty station request one when you receive your orders. You may also utilize eSponsorship to make request. Log in to eSAT at

Pre-Move Financial Planning

Taking advantage of pre-move financial planning can help you save money and make you aware of your benefits. Requesting a sponsor can also ease your burden during a move. Call the RAP manager if you would like to have a sponsor assigned. You may also request a sponsor utlizing e-sponsorship. Type e-sponsorship into your web browser and follow the link. This way contact can be monitored by supervisor.


DIMS (Defense Information Management System) is another informational resource available to the family on the move. Information on every military installation worldwide is contained in the DIMS program.

MCLB Albany Telephone Directory

The MCLB Albany telephone directory contains phone numbers for base operations, tenant commands, and other services located aboard the installation. The base operator phone number is (229) 639-5000.

GA's NaviGAtor 511 Project

Georgia's NaviGAtor 511 project allows you to get real-time updates to traffic all over the state. This can be invaluable when traveling to Altanta or when driving during holidays when many other drivers are on the road. Apps are available for smart phones, or you can simply dial 511.


The Alliance of Information & Referral Services (AIRS) provides a national, comprehensive listing on all current organizational members of AIRS who are engaged in the provision of Information and Referral (I&R).

United Way

United Way of Southwest Georgia provides information and referral services to Dougherty, Lee, and many surrounding counties. United Way of Southwest Georgia also partners with local community agencies to provide support, volunteers, and funding for programs like Success by Six and AmeriCorps. You can contact them by calling 211 in the Albany/Dougherty County area or by calling 229 888-6126.

Warrior Care

The Warrior Care handbook provides details of the compensation and benefits available to wounded warriors and their families.

VFW Unmet Needs

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Unmet Needs program serves active duty or veterans who have been on active duty within the past 36 months. Eligible expenses, such as utility bills, mortgage or rent payments, as well as expenses that are not covered, are listed in the link above. VFW reserves the right to determine eligibility on a case by case basis. For more information on programs operated by the VFW, or to find a local post, go to the VFW Assistance Programs page.

City of Albany

The City of Albany-Dougherty County events calendars are updated weekly. The events calendars and E-newsletter keep you informed about upcoming events of interest, including musical performances, sporting events, parades, and holidays.

SWGA Council on Aging

The Southwest Georgia Council on Aging provides services such as Meals on Wheels, area senior centers, and comprehensive I & R for senior citizens needing health, legal, and other assistance. 229-432-1124.

Chamber of Commerce

The Albany Chamber of Commerce has a frequently updated calendar of events covering Albany, Leesburg, and many surrounding communities. Likewise, the local NBC/ABC affiliate television station, WALB, has a separate calendar on their website.