Community Counseling Program

Prevention, Education and Counseling Bldg. 7260
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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Community Counseling Program (CCP)

The Community Counseling Program (CCP) is designed  to provide access to counseling for Marines, Sailors, and their families, and to focus on screening prevention, and intervention of stressors and problems to improve readiness and quality of life.  The CCP provides evidence-based intervention activities including non-medical counseling and clinical case management.  We offer individual, couple, family, child, and group counseling services that are supportive in nature and include, but are not limited to the following areas:  Marital/Relationship Issues, Communication, Stress Management, Anger Management, Reintegration, Adjustment Issues, Parent-Child concerns, Grief and Loss, Deployment Stress, and challenges around Work-Life Balance.

The foundation of the CCP is to ensure Marines, Sailors, and their families are properly assessed, treated, and when indicated provided referrals to appropriate agencies across the continuum of care.  All of our counselors are independently licensed and credentialed professionals who can work with you to develop a plan and find solutions designed to meet your specific needs and help you overcome stressors related to the challenges in your life.

Call us today for an initial screening, and to schedule an appointment with one of our counseling staff at 229-639-5252.

Marine Intercept Program

The Marine Intercept Program (MIP) is a collaboration between a Marine, the Marine's Commander, the installation Community Counseling Program (CCP), and Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC).  MIP services are provided by installation CCP's to Marines for whom HQMC receives a Serious Incident Report (SI) or suicide attempt (SA).  MIP services use evidence-informed practices to follow-up with a Marine after a SI or SA.  After contact with the Marine, the CCP MIP counselor will reach back out to the command and provide updates on the Marine's current status.  The goal is to reach out with non-medical continued caring contacts along with risk-assessment and safety planning.


The command contacts the installation CCP closest in proximity to where the Operations Event/Incident Report (OPREP-3), SIR, or PCR was submitted in response to an identified SI or SA, MIP does not duplicate, replace. or interfere with existing services.  MIP does not duplicate, replace, or interfere with existing services.  MIP is outreach NOT treatment.

Commands can provide support by:

  • Being the point of contact to assist in tracking the Marine's care and resources.
  • Providing contact information if the Marine is currently receiving inpatient care, and informing CCP immediately upon discharge - this is a time of increased risk.
  • Influencing the Marine's engagement in services.
  • Providing feedback and input regarding the Marine.
  • Receiving status updates from the MIP counselor.
  • Assisting with reintegration.
  • Insuring all units are familiar with MIP and the added layer of support it can provide.

MIP is:

  • Voluntary
  • Caring contacts
  • care coordination
  • System navigation assistance
  • Risk assessment and safety planning



Once a Marine is identified as having SI or SA, the Community Counseling Center assigns a counselor to provide caring contacts.

The MIP counselors will:

  • Focus on highest risk time period
  • Make contact with Marine at days 1.3.7, 14, 30, 60, and 90
  • Maintain a collaborative approach with command leadership and healthcare providers
  • Use evidence-informed suicide risk assessment tools (Columbia Suicide Severity Risk Scale)
  • Create and update a Safety Plan, an evidence-informed tool.

Community Counseling Program 229-639-5252.