Family Advocacy Program

Prevention, Education and Counseling, Bldg. 7260

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Clinical Counseling Services

Clinical Counseling and the Family Advocacy Program's over-arching goal is to directly support individual's and families; thereby supporting mission readiness and retention.  The program offers individual, couple, and family counseling as well as prevention and education workshops.  Some of the workshops include stress management, anger management, and couples communication.  Crisis intervention, victim advocacy, domestic violence assistance. treatment groups, and Rape Aggression Defense (RAD) are also part of the program.  As part of the Coordinated Community approach, the programs also work together with other community services and the command to strengthen Marine families.

Men's Domestic Violence Intervention Group (STOP)

The Men's 26-week group is a treatment group designed to offer men intensive training in new skills for self-management, communication, problem solving, and empathy for others to reduce the risk of future relationship violence.  The group primarily uses the Innovative Skills, Techniques, Options and Plan for Better Relationship (STOP) manual developed by Dr. David Wexler.  Each week, participants are engaged through a combination of skills training exercises that focus on a particular aspect of relationship health.  Participants must pre-register and be referred by a Family Advocacy Program, court-ordered, or with strong Command support.  Please call for more information.

Women's Domestic Violence Intervention Group (STOP)

Call for referral options.