Prevention and Education

Prevention, Education and Counseling Bldg. Building 7260 
Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(229) 639-7935 for more information.

The Prevention & Education Program provides awareness and prevention focused services to the installation and to the community. The Program offers a variety of evidenced-based classes and educational resources that encompass various subject areas to assist service members and their families.

Classes Offered:

Anger Management

This workshop teaches skills to effectively manage anger in your daily life. Topics include: recognizing stress, developing empathy, responding vs. reacting, changing self-talk, assertive communication, adjusting expectations, forgiving, not forgetting and retreating.


Coping with Work & Family Stress

This stress management course provides tools and techniques to reduce stress. Topics include: understanding stress, problem solving, managing stress, communication and self-care.


Married and Loving It (MALI)

This five class series provides tools to enhance your marriage. Topics include: communication, finance, anger management, conflict resolution and roles.


Positive Parenting for Children

Recommended for parents with children ages 0-12 years; this course provides evidence based tools to add to your parenting tool box. Topics include: behaviors, assertive disciplining, communication, developing coping skills and much more.


Positive Parenting for Teens

Recommended for parents with children ages 13-17; this course provides evidence based tools to add to your parenting tool box. Topics include: promoting responsibility, developing healthy lifestyles, disciplining, communication, promoting problem solving and much more.


Co-Parenting in the 21st Century (New Class )

When parents split up, it’s hard on everyone in the family, especially children. This class provides information about ways parents who live apart can work together to take care of their children.


Dating and Pre-marital Concepts (New Class)

This series of classes helps those in viable relationships cultivate, protect, and stabilize their unions, and marry, if desired. Topics include: defining a healthy relationship, sliding-vs-deciding, 7 principals of love, expectations and much more.


Workplace Violence (New Class)

This class provides key facts about violence in the workplace including: risk factors for potential violence and ways to prevent violence in the workplace.

Other Available Presentations:

Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention

Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention

Coping with Changes in the Workplace

Teen Dating Violence

Anger Management for Kids

5 Love Languages

If there are classes or briefs that you are interested in but are not listed, please let us know. For more information regarding classes or briefs, please call our Prevention & Education Specialist at (229) 639-7935.